Ragging is a crime: Laws to Protect the Freshers

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Question: Is there a helpline number for approaching in case of being ragged?

Ans. In accordance with the orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, UGC (University Grants Commission), Government of India has developed an anti-ragging web portal for curtailing ragging.


Question: Where can I make a complaint about the ragging taking place?

Ans. The government portal provides for the lodging the complaint about the ragging taking place. Please click the link to the government portal below to make any complaint.


Question: What constitutes Ragging?

Ans.  Ragging as defined on the portal is mentioned below.

Defining Ragging

Slogan of Ragging

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Question: Who can be Complainant on the government portal? Can I secure my identity is not revealed?

Ans. Anybody can register a complaint against ragging, the person may not be a victim alone. In required circumstances, your identity can also be concealed.

Question: What if I am not satisfied by the Orders of the Anti-ragging committee of the college?

Ans. Chancellor, Vice Chancellor or Chairman of the case may be.

Question: What are regulations for curbing ragging in place from UGC?

Ans. The following regulations have been put in place by UGC for curbing ragging.

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Question: Can I get the FIR registered against the offender for ragging?

Ans. Yes. The provisions are discussed in another article on ragging in the website.

Question: What are the action points for anti-ragging as per Supreme Court judgment delivered on May 8, 2009?
Ans.  The following are the measures suggested in the judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court:

(1) Confidence building measures: Appointment of counselors, the late arrival of the seniors, joint sensitization, and orientation program.
(2) Anti-ragging Committee
(3) Anti-ragging squad
(4) Monitoring cell at the university level
(5) Accessibility of the Wardens all the time
(6) Central crisis hotline and database to be prepared
(7) Prompt reporting of ragging
(8) SHO/SP of the area concerned to be readily accessible and should ensure no ragging within the jurisdiction.

Questions: What are statistics of ragging available?

Bar Chart on Ragging

How many lives we are able to save by our initiatives against ragging matters a lot in curbing this offense. Please join hands to spread awareness about the legal remedies.


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