Standard Operating Procedures for Missing Children


Questions: Who is a missing Child?

Answer:  Section 2 (14) (vii) of Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection Act), 2015 says it includes a “Missing Child‟ as a child in need of care of protection. These are the Children who are separated from family, parents or guardian. These are the children who had left home or has been kidnapped, abandoned or trafficked.

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Question: Who can file a missing person complaint?

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Question: Where to file the complaint regarding the missing children?

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Question: What are the important judgments and committees relating to Missing Children?


1. Horilal vs. Commissioner of Police, Delhi [WP (Criminal) 610 of 1996]
2. Nithari Case (2007) plight of missing children
3. NHRC sets up a panel to study the plight of missing children
4. Ministry of Women and Child (2009) under Integrated Child Protection Scheme emphasized the need for an integrated portal.
5. Ministry of Home Affairs (2011) prepared a detailed advisory for tabulating missing children cases
6. Bachpan Bachao Andolan vs. Union of India (WP (Civil) 75 of 2012).

Question: What is the Composition of Justice Juvenile Board?

strong>Answer: The composition of the Juvenile Justice Board as per the Juvenile Justice Board Draft Rules is as follows:

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Questions: What is a Child Welfare Committee?

Answer:  Special Police Unit for Women and Children, Delhi Police highlights the following details about the CWC:

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