Arbitration is most popular method of alternative dispute resolution, however these disputes before or after passing of award, also reaches courts for appropriate relief. For update & recent supreme court decisions on this practice area read here.

Banking & Finance

Investment enhanced, minimized risk is the outlook of professionals of this sector. For prudent decisions on different issues, read the legal updates on the subject here.

Civil Law

India maintains common law system inherited from colonial era. Civil law deals with disputes between the private parties. groups and organization who seeks compensation as relief. For various decisions on civil law read here.

Commercial Law

Commercial law governs the broad areas of business, commerce, and consumer transactions. Specific law has developed in a number of commercial fields for which continue reading here.

Company Law

E-governance is an important initiative of the government, which utilizes information technology in performing various activities from the doorstep of the company itself.

Competition Law

This law seeks to maintains balance of competition in the market and fair play by regulating the anti-competitive activities. The various judgments and precedents for this subject can be followed here.

Consumer Law

Judgments to defend consumer cases and pursue consumer rights in India. To know more about recent supreme court decisions and judgments, read further.

Criminal Law

These are meant to keep public safe and deter wrongful act. The important judgments help understand how a wrongful conduct or omission can translate into a crime.


Today at every corner we here the concept of sustainable development. The same can be fulfilled by strict enforcement of law. National Green Tribunal has passed several important judgments in this area.

Family & Property Law

India is the land of diversity with several religion and one of the oldest part of Indian Legal System is the personal laws. Read here to know more about recent supreme court judgments on family & property law.

Food & Pharmaceutical

Drugs and Cosmetics and Food are relevant to strata of consumers. Important legislation's and precedents are important to understand the impact of these on both consumers and manufacturers. For more information read here.

Intellectual Property Rights

Protection of human creativity is as essential as protection of movable and immovable property. India has legislated various laws to protect Intellectual Property. The various judgments in this area are available here.

Labour & Employment

Employer-employee relationship is important to health of proper functioning of business and industry. The demand for better working conditions are enforced under them. Legal developments in this area can be read here.

Technology & Telecommunication

India has almost everything is available at the click of mouse and is not lacking in communication either. The law in this regard, its enforcement and adjudication can help many to understand several issues...

Transport & Infrastructure

India is a big country and connectivity through transport and infrastructure involves construction companies to enter into multiple agreements. Read here for further information.